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Self-Evaluation and Self Inventory - Tin Man's Story

A On a recent trip to San Antonio I was walking down the River Walk and ran into a man dressed up like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz. There was a conference that weekend of movie characters. I have to believe I ran into the character for a reason. I was so taken with this Tin Man Character, I had a picture taken with him. I began to go back in my mind and started to remember the story of the Wizard of Oz. Interesting how a famous movie can bring to mind metaphors and allegorical stories that relate to a current event or situation. What came to mind to me after running into this interesting costumed person was how the Tin Man's desire for a heart notably contrasted with the Scarecrows desire for brains, reflecting a common debate between the relative importance of the mind and emotions.

Also in modern times or days of old, the stories and metaphors come alive and are easily adapted to the experience of human discovery. We are born with gifts, hide them (or have them hidden from us) as children, and spend much of our adult years seeking, uncovering and rediscovering them. Are we to find that hidden place "somewhere over the rainbow" or are we to stay where we are and look within ourselves for the answers.

Sometimes we need a tornado like Dorthy experienced in the Wizard of Oz to shake us up and force us to go to a place we've never been. Losing a job might be the tornado in your life you've experienced. You felt abandoned, angry, rejected and confused. You didn't know how to find that Yellow Brick Road that would lead you to the Wizard inside of yourself to help you get back home. Home for you could mean that safe place where you felt you had support and direction. Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs talks about Self-Actualization where we finally reach to top of the pyramid. I think we strive our whole life to self-actualize, but only striving and life experiences allow us to get there. Staying stuck in a safe, easy job doesn't advance anyone. If you are trying to make an important change in your life, go back in your mind to the successes and failures and look at your lessons. Stop beating yourself up for what you did wrong, the job that didn't work out, or the mistakes you've made. How many of the successful inventors and entrepeuneurs never made a mistake. Quite the contray. If you read any successful persons autobiography often you will find that his failures far surpassed any successes he may have.

Don't be afraid to risk. Don't be afraid to try. You are an amazing creation and you have so much inside of you that wants to get out. If you are feeling stuck, you owe it to yourself to go on a new journey. What you find along the way might surprise you. Have the courage of that Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz to go for it. There is no place like home, Dorothy said. Home for you could be coming home to who you really are. It's a wonderful place to be. And we all can get there if we follow our own Yellow Brick Road. With all it's twists and turns. The journey will be worth it!! Look at what it did for Dorothy.

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