For Wisdom in Your Professional Choices

Mary Ann is the founder and CEO of Faremouth and Company. As a leader in the national recruiting community and a placement specialist since 1982, Mary Ann knows what it takes to get the job done. She is 2016 PRESIDENT of Houston Independent Personnel Consultant Group, is a member of the NASPD, NAPCA, the National Association of Personnel Consultants, and is also a highly regarded speaker and writer. Her articles can be found in various industry related publications. She founded Jobs: Houston Magazine in 1997, one of the most popular employment magazines in Texas for over 7 years.

Mary Ann is highly regarded in the national recruiting world. With her unique method of aligning the whole person to the job, she has the reputation of identifying what makes placements stick for many years, which ultimately provides long-term success for both the applicant and the company. Mary Ann holds a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) credential, requiring years of experience in the industry. She was certified by the Board of Regents of the National Association of Personnel Consultants in Washington D.C., passing an extensive legal and ethical exam in order to receive her credential. This means that the work done by Faremouth & Company is grounded in a deep integrity and professionalism. It also means that we conduct more comprehensive research on behalf of applicants and employers than any other personnel agency. Mary Ann maintains affiliations with a variety of professional organizations, including construction, structural, civil engineering, pipeline service industries and has a keen understanding of the marketplace and their specialized needs and requirements.

Faremouth and Company is a personnel consulting firm specializing in recruitment of Professional, Clerical and temporary placements, with a variety of construction, structural, civil engineering, and pipeline jobs. Our expertise is in matching quality applicants with the right job, serving companies ranging from thriving independents to global conglomerates, tailoring each engagement to the client's needs.

Our strong client relationships and diverse industry knowledge is apparent through our loyal portfolio of clients and our impeccable reputation. Our commitment to finding the highest quality employees for our clients is of the utmost importance, and we have placed over thousands of employees since 1982. We solidify our commitment to employers by offering replacement guarantees with all of our placements.